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Kenia: Internship / volunteer work



  • Education and social work project
  • Volunteers will teach, play, and generally be part of children’s daily activities in school, or orphanage. Participants may teach a foreign language e.g. French, German, sports, art, be a teachers aid, etc. They can also come up with profiles of bright and needy children who are in need of sponsorship/scholarship.
  • Administration:
  • Volunteers will work in an NGO resource centre and help in any of the following ways: Fundraising, improve institutional/organizational capacity, help develop future programmes for the NGO, publications, manage website, filing, art centre, public relations etc.
  • Special skill volunteer:
  • Volunteers with special skills will work with the community in areas such as chronic poverty alleviation strategies, medical centre, women empowerment, social work; First Aid etc.
  • Environmental conservation:
  • Volunteers will be involved in our environmental programs such as clean-ups, Environmental Education, tree planting, supporting environmental clubs in primary schools and networking with other environmental organizations. Volunteers will help an NGO disseminate information on environmental issues, and help in the community’s capability to work in accordance with set environmental ethics.


  • Do you have aspirations and want to participate fully in the lives of other societies?
  • Do you know you are a key agent of social, spiritual, economic and technological change of other societies?
  • Can you live under conditions that encourage your imagination, ideals, energy and vision to flourish to the benefit of other societies?
  • Are you seeking to be integrated into existing society, to serve as a form to transform it?


Shared room in a shared house, half-board

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