Participate in an international exchange of professionals


International exchange

Is your institution located in Berlin and are you interested in participating in an exchange with professionals from all over Europe?

The European program Erasmus+ offers professionals in the following areas a chance to meet, network and exchange knowledge:

Vocational training and further training
Career counseling
Chambers, professional associations and labor unions

The program aims to:

Establish and consolidate European partnerships
Foster knowledge transfer
Facilitate the initiation of collaborations and common projects
Internationalize educational bodies
Build a European network

Building an international network through study visits

In an exchange of professionals (incoming) your institution functions as a host and receives a group of professionals from abroad for a meeting.

In return, you as well have the possibility to visit an educational establishment abroad (outgoing).

Weiterbildung Ausland fuer viele ein Traum

Erasmus Plus Programm

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