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Searching for host companies

You are a company located in Berlin or another part of the world and would like to offer an internship for young people from abroad? Then register with us as a host company!

Participate in our international internship program

As a company offering an international internship, you and your employees can benefit from contact with different languages and new ideas. Vividus International takes care of finding a suitable intern for you, so you don’t have to.

Host company benefits

As a host company your benefits are:

VET trainees, professionals and sometimes students are funded through the
    program Erasmus+ and are therefore financially provided for
Interns bring competency in a foreign tongue
Interns bring new ideas and new knowledge
Internationalization of your company
Expansion of your international network
Intercultural exchange for your employees

Partner Praktikumsbetrieb gesucht

Erasmus Plus Programm

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