Vocational Trainees and graduates


After graduating from vocational training

Working abroad is a wish that many people in vocational training share. Doing a work placement in another country after graduating is the perfect opportunity to gain work experience in your field of expertise, to learn a foreign language, to broaden your horizons and to find out what you want to do with your life.

Work placements for vocational trainees

Not only graduates but also trainees who are still enrolled in a vocational training course can go abroad and integrate an internship in Europe into their apprenticeship. Employers look favorably upon individuals who went abroad to improve their foreign language skills and gain experience in a different cultural and professional context. With the consent of your trainer, we will gladly inform you of all the options available to you.

Work placements for persons in advanced training

Even professionals never stop learning. Doing a graduate internship abroad gives you a chance to get to know the working routine of other professionals and to gain valuable new perspectives. The international exchange of experiences and knowledge is really a win-win-situation for all parties involved. We would be happy to help you find a meaningful work placement abroad.

Learn a language

A language course represents an ideal addition to your international work placement. You can improve your French, Spanish or Portuguese by taking a theoretical class and applying your new knowledge directly in a work context. Thus your language skills correspond to a professional level and relate to your field of expertise.

Why go abroad?

Professional language skills
Intercultural competence
Independence and flexibility
Better career perspectives
New friends, experiences and horizons



How long? 4 weeks (different duration on request)

Our services

Work placements that fit your qualifications and expectations
Accommodation (host family, flat share or residence)
Intercultural and organizational preparation
Support during your whole stay
Travel to and from your destination
Official internship certificate
 Funding through the Erasmus+ program
Online language course or funding for a language course

Vocational schools have the possibility to apply for group travels. Please contact us here.

Costs: Your stay is co-funded by the European Union. Nevertheless you will have to pay a contribution of approximately 250€ in order to finance your stay.

» Conditions for participation:

  You are at least 18 years old
  You are doing a vocational training course or have just graduated from a
  You have a good command of the language of your hosting country. This
    means a competency of B1 or higher. If your language skills are not at this
    level yet, we advise you to take a preparatory language course
  You are an EU citizen and live in Germany

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Erasmus Plus Programm

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