Go abroad with Vividus International

Vividus International is all about international learning experiences. We organize educational programs for high school graduates, vocational trainees, students and professionals. Our programs range from language travel to international work placements and study visits and allow you to gain work experience abroad and engage in an intercultural exchange.
Our co-operating partners are located all over Europe, including Spain (Sevilla), Ireland (Dublin and Cork), UK (Glasgow), France (Bordeaux), Belgium (Brussels), Portugal (Lisbon) and Malta. Learning abroad entails learning a foreign language. We’ll give you the opportunity to combine your work placement with a language course to help you attain fluency in the country of your choice.
Don’t want to do an internship on your own? We also help organize educational programs for groups.

Go abroad High School Graduates

a) Our programs for young people
Our programs for young people last from 2 weeks to 12 months and usually combine a work placement with a language course. We organize your work placement in a way that caters to your individual needs, preferences, and skill set.

Go abroad Vocational Trainees
Go abroad Students Graduates

b) Our programs for professionals
Our programs for working professionals last between 2 days to 2 months. They comprise an exchange of knowledge with other professionals or an opportunity to job-shadow at an institution abroad.
Learning new languages is not only restricted to young people and students. Working professionals are more than encouraged to also partake in a language course and engage in international learning.

Go abroad Professionals

c) Some of our programs are open to free movers who organize their stay independently without our help. As an institution participating in the Erasmus+ program, we manage European scholarships and are able to fund international work placements and study visits.